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Microsto Precision technology (SZ) Co., Ltd is based on precision processing, specializing in the design, R & D and production of high-performance rare earth permanent magnet, ceramics, gemstones and other hard & brittle material components.

Microsto has passed the ISO90001 quality system certification, we focusing on high-performance and high-precision products. The minimum dimensional tolerance and geometric tolerance can be within 0.02 mm, and we are good at deep hole thin-wall processing and special-shaped processing.

Microsto always adheres to the business philosophy of "quality first, service foremost", and gradually forms a product system with high performance and high precision through unremitting efforts. And according to the requirements of customers to develop customized special performance products to meet the needs of the market.

Our products, such as low weight lost sintered NdFeB (less than 2mg / cm ^ 2), high temperature resistant sintered NdFeB, low Intrinsic coercive force SmCo (applied to high-end relay), high-speed rotor magnetic ring (more than 50000 revolutions), are widely used in high-end fields such as automobile, instrument, watch, communication, medical equipment, electric machine, electroacoustic, etc.

In addition, we can customize magnets and devices of various complex shapes according to customers' requirements, and carry out non-magnetic or magnetic assembly of various magnetic components, such as radiation ring assembly, Halbach Array assembly, anti magnetic field assembly, etc.


  • Microsto Precision Technology (SZ)Co., Ltd
  • Zone B, 4th Floor, Phase II, Grand Equipment Industrial Park, 33 Cuijing Road, Pingshan District, Shenzhen 518118, China
  • 518118
  • 86-0755-26615649
  • 86-0755-26613280
  • Victor (Sales Manager)
  • 86-15915497586

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